Ai Margini della Città” is a project that arises in 2013 fulfilling the need to mould intuitions, suggestions, desires. Francesco, Aldo, Angelo and Giuseppe form “Ai Margini della città” (from now on AMDC). This is an instrumental project that lives beneath the sway of the most beautiful post rock experiences both from Italy and abroad. AMDC have soon fallen under the spell of the sound fabrics of Mogwai, Sigur Rós, Mono, Explosions in the Sky, God is an Astronaut and from the very beginning they have pledged to the passionate construction of personal and recognisable sound.

The music of AMDC tells of beloved images and landscapes, it’s a research about what lies beneath and you can’t grasp, it’s the sound of what is not returned by the sight, with just the filter of the air coming between the image: their music is the offer of an intimate and intense listening.

In 2014 AMDC take part to the contest for emerging bands within Premio Maggio, an event organized by CGIL syndicate in Bari. They got through to the finale and played in Kismet Theatre opening the show of the Italian singer-songwriter Mariantonietta and they won the second place.

In August 2014 they recorded their first EP at BoBo Studios in Capurso. It was then released on and it includes four tracks (Nordkapp, Der Blaue Reiter, Strong Dream, Fighting Forms). At the same time they released a track (Der Blaue Reiter - piano version) recorded with the precious collaboration of Master Livio Minafra on the piano. In 2015 they perform at Giovinazzo Rock Festival and the festival Frequencies Mediterranee Miglionico.